Top 5 Female Newcomers

Top 5 Female Newcomers

Alison Spittle
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A Mullingar native, with a natural gift of the gab, Alison makes for some effortless side-splitting comedy. While Spittle has tried her hand at a variety of aspects of the modern comedy scene including YouTube sketches, Twitter and acting, stand-up is where her heart is, the other areas very much functioning as a means to an end for her.  Spittle began her comedy career back in 2011 when she got her hands on a slot as a supporting act for PJ Gallagher. Since then she has featured on RTE’s Republic of Telly, she has created her own monthly chat show, The Alison Spittle Show, and has appeared as a regular guest on Newstalk. Now a resident Dubliner, Spittle’s humour has a little fish in a big pond vibe, as she describes her new experiences as makin’ her way in the ‘Big Shmoke’. A natural-born story-teller, everything Spittle spouts out is pure gold.
Make sure to check her out at this year’s Vodafone Comedy Festival:

Thursday 28th July, 9.30PM at The Big Red
Saturday 30th July, 9.30PM at The Jokeshop
Thursday 28th July, 7.30PM at The Vodafone Laughter Lab.


Emma Doran

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Another newbie to the Vodafone stand-up stage, Emma Doran is taking the comedy scene by storm. Since entering onto the stand-up comedy scene a couple of years ago, Doran boasts a number of comedy awards, including Winner of the ‘Hapenny Comedy Competition’ in 2014, Runner-up for the ‘Forbidden Fruit Comedy Search Award’ in 2014 and Runner-up for the ‘Show Me the Funny Award’ in 2015. Doran, mother of three, made a name for herself on the scene as ‘the pregnant stand-up’ after going on stage 8 months pregnant with her last child (even with a bump bigger than the Himalayas, no one thought to offer the poor lass a seat). Her sense of humour could be described as ‘classically Irish’, her performances being both brilliantly sarcastic and heavily deadpan. Doran manages to flawlessly hone in on the Irish sense of humour in both her YouTube comedy sketches and her on-stage stand-up. Perhaps this explains her explosive popularity on the Irish comedy scene which has led her to performances in some of Ireland’s top theatres, including Vicar St and Olympia Theatre, as well as appearing as a regular on The Republic of Telly and on RTE 2’s Al Porter’s Christmas Special.
If her comedy style sounds like it might be up your alley, catch her live at this year’s Vodafone Comedy Festival:

Thursday 28th July, 10PM at The Cherry Top
Friday 29th July, 9.45PM at The Vodafone Laughter Lab
Saturday 30th July, 9.45PM at The Vodafone Laughter Lab


Andréa Farrell

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A newcomer to make sure to look out for at this year’s Vodafone Comedy Festival is Andréa Farrell. Farrell, a Dublin-born comedian, has wanted to be a comedian since age 15, and by George she’s well on her way! Impressively, Farrell has landed slots as the opening act for some seriously big names on the Irish comedy scene, including Stewart Francis, Marc Mahon and David O’Doherty. Farrell continues to successfully climb her way up the comedy stand-up ladder, becoming a regular at the International Comedy Club, as well as making it as a finalist in the ‘RTE New Comedy Awards’. Perhaps her most attention-grabbing work on the comedy scene so far has been her tour around Ireland in a campervan with The Lads of Comedy, bringing her quick wit and amazingly monotonous comedy to all corners of the Emerald Isle. Farrell is brilliantly self-deprecating and laconic in style. She will remind you of that one friend you have who produces a never-ending supply of one-liners, without so much as smirking at herself. She won’t disappoint.
So be sure to experience her in all her witty glory this Vodafone Comedy Festival:

Saturday 30th July, 4.30PM at The Cherry Top
Saturday 30th July, 5PM at The Vodafone Laughter Lab


Gráinne McKeever

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Gráinne McKeever is probably the most over-qualified stand-up comedian you could hope to come across. As a secondary school art teacher and a PhD student of Sociology, McKeever combines her sociological perceptions with her smart wit to bring you a hilarious yet though-provoking stand-up show. McKeever’s star is most certainly on the rise, performing at such big gigs as Electric Picnic, Body&Soul, Forbidden Fruit, and now The Laughter Lounge at this year’s Vodafone Comedy Festival. Besides all that, McKeever has also taken to the stage to give her ‘She who Laughs Last’ TedX talk, in which she explores the sociological theories underlying the frequently rumoured myth that “women aren’t funny”, a fabrication all too often proclaimed in Irish comedy circles. Grainne McKeever’s hilarious shows are in themselves proof of the illegitimacy and absurdity of such claims. The proof is in the pudding!
Bright, witty, and side-splittingly hilarious, is there anything this gal can’t do. Why not catch her live at this year’s Vodafone Comedy Festival?!

Friday 29th July, 9.30PM at The Jokeshop


Laura Byrne

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Laura Byrne, a self-proclaimed ‘(still not confident enough to call myself a proper) stand-up comedian’, is beginning to make her way onto the Irish stand-up scene. Byrne is probably most well known for her regular appearances on the viral YouTube Channel, ‘Facts.’ However, Byrne is an up-and-coming on the national stand-up scene too, having performed on stages across the country, including the Battle of the Axe Comedy Club. With a masters in music under her belt, this Dublin-based comedian brings to the stage a unique presence, accompanied by the uplifting twang of her ukulele. Having come third place in the Ha’penny Comedy Competition in 2014, and a runner-up in the Spike Sligo Comedy Competition in 2015, there is no denying that this musical comedian’s star is on the rise.
Make sure to check her out at this year’s Vodafone Comedy Festival!

Sunday 31st July, 4.30 at The Vodafone Laughter Lab