4 Questions with… Carmen Lynch & Katherine Lynch

4 Questions with… Carmen Lynch & Katherine Lynch

Vodafone Comedy Festival 2017 kicks off today at the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin, we caught up with some of the comedians who are due to perform to ask them a couple of questions, read below to get some insider knowledge on how Spanish-American comedian, actress, and writer Carmen Lynch and Irish television personality Katherine Lynch think!


1. If you could be in any other comedian’s head for a day who would you choose and why?
Carmen: Woody Allen. But not the part where he thinks about Soon-Yi…just the section that writes movies.
Katherine: I’d like to be in David McSavage’s head (obviously with a return trip) just to tell him he’s a very very naughty boy!!!


2. What is the one thing you’d never go to a comedy festival without?
Carmen: Warm socks. It doesn’t matter if I’m going someplace warm. My feet get cold in hotels, and sometimes they hang off the bed (I’m tall) so socks are crucial for good sleeping.

Katherine: My invoice.

3. If you weren’t a comedian what would you be?
Carmen: Tennis champion. I don’t play tennis but it reminds me of stand-up…you’re out there by yourself, travelling and performing. And they give you cute clothes.
Katherine: A politician (oh sorry, sure it’s the same thing) I’d like to be a male lifeguard in Brazil.


4. The act you’re most looking forward to seeing at this year’s Vodafone Comedy Festival that people may not have heard of.  
Carmen: Well, I know everyone’s heard of him but he’s the one I want to see and whose name keeps coming up: Tommy Tiernan.

Katherine: Tommy Tiernan still the best.

Don’t forget you can still purchase tickets to the Vodafone Comedy Festival here.